Thursday, 22 June 2017

From Tokelau to New Zealand

In social Studies today we learnt the problems in Tokelau and we read this story about "what was life like in Tokelau"
We also summarised a story about the 6 words we chose and wrote a short paragraph
Here was my summarise:

People migrated from Tokelau to NZ so they can have a good education.
Education is very important to them because they need money for food and more.
The climate for tokelau was good in tokelau but then when they moved to NZ it was too cold for them.
In Tokelau everyone worked together to harvest crops and food for the winter.
The population for Tokelau and their working mens was obliged because of the remaining men working in toke lau and the opportunities for Tokelauans was very poor.


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