Thursday, 13 April 2017

Sustainability Unit

Te Taiao o Tamaki

*What was the theme for Tamaki Colleges Projects?Sustainability
*What were the topics for the 6 Projects?
-Parks and Public Spaces
-Protecting our culture and identity-
-Healthy Foods
-Our Homes/Our Houses
-Rubbish And Recycle
-Our Waterways
*What was YOUR Project and what did you learn?
We learnt About how to keep our waterways fresh and how to take care of our Rain Garden.
We also Learnt to Control  a drone to get some videos the places we cant get it from.
We learnt to make a movie using I MOVIE and to upload it to AURAZMA.
*What was your favourite part of the unit and least favourtie?
-I liked cleaning the Rain garden
-I liked Watching the drone
-I also liked Taking a lift on the truck to put the Bad things that were killing the rain garden.
-I liked Hanging with the Bradas
-I disliked walking back when we had a ride to the Recycling Bins
-I disliked Stoping to do the work
*what did you see @ te oro yesterday that stood out for you?
That how kids are so creative
That Kids are outta the world with there imagination

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Dave Winter said...

Hi Isaac I got the chance to go to Te Oro too. I have to agree that kids are out of the world with their imagination. I liked the painting with the girl holding on to the world as a balloon. That was in the Glenbrae room. We definitely need to have heaps of creative kids out there. Keep up the blogging ohh and the learning ;-). btw I work for Manaiakalani if you were wondering who this was.

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