Thursday, 2 November 2017

Our Environment on Mind-Map

Today we revised a Mind-Map about our project we did in term 1, about problems in our community. Our group did waterways and our problem was the Tamaki College rain garden and how bad things were in there. Our solution was to clean our rain garden so that the birds won't die while flying there.  There are big problems such as parks and public spaces, culture, recycling, houses, healthy food and our one was waterways.  When we were cleaning our Tamaki College rain garden we saw heaps of dirty rubbish and bad vines so our deputy principal told our group to clean the bad stuff and showed us the bad vines to pull out and to also cut the bad vines.  This is a big problem because we need to protect our local waterway.  We need all rain gardens around the world to keep safe. Our rain garden was once dirty and polluted until us heroes were there to save our Tamaki College rain garden. Our weed tree called a privet that was growing wildly and us people had to fix it up. So our rain garden is now nice and healthy and we'll be there to keep it healthy.

This photo is what i did on Mind-Map.

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Dorothy Apelu said...

This is a great post Issac. I am glad to hear how healthy the garden is and I hope you continue to keep an eye on it:)

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