Thursday, 21 September 2017

Animal Jammers

My Name is Isacc and Our group is called Animal Jammers.

We believe in Animal Rights and That we should be treating Animal as our parents treat us kids. Animal are like humans just Different and that like us humans have family just like Animals do. Yes we need meat from animals but some animals are gentle and don't want harm unlike some animals they hunt for prey and they kill and rip out blood out of other animals and maybe humans but ' their life style just like or life style,just we don't hunt. 

Animals are nice and kindly(well some of them). Our group cares about animals and as we walk to school or back home we see dogs/cats roaming around the streets with no caregivers and i think to myself that why give animals to people if they don't care for it. We need to care for animals so like loved ones and one thing i learnt from Our English teacher is to Be kind to one another.

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