Thursday, 8 June 2017

Sitting Exams

When i first started my first exams it was so challenging and i needed more time to get ready,but today was the day there was no going back.I was so nervous and i never wanted to do it.
I had my device ready,i was settled down nicely and waited for the exam to start.
My first exam was maths and i never liked maths.
Maths was my second hardest exam.The subject i think i did well in was English and the subject i know i did bad in was science.The thing i could do better next time was to pay attention in class and do unfinished work and not be distracted.If only i had listened to the teacher and do my work or even ask for homework so i can be finished.Next time i will do all these things and try to make my learning better and get high marks.

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Dorothy Apelu said...

Well done Isaac for writing about your experiences with exams and sharing your challenges. It is great to see you reflect on what you could've done better next time. I'm interested to hear why you think you did well in English - is English your favourite subject? Thank you for blogging.

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